December 24, 2007

paralegal work at home

Paralegal work at home opportunities abound.

The neat thing about being a paralegal is that you can either work at home or work at an office. You can do transactional work or litigation. There are a lot of different ways you can work. You can work for someone or you can be self employed.

Flexibility is there. But income isn't always that high. Depending upon where you are in the country it can be $15 to $30 per hour but is likely to be in the lower end of that scale.

What is nice about being a paralegal though is that you can also work on your own and make a whole lot more than that. Litigation funding is a paralegal work at home opportunity that lets you help people who are plaintiffs in lawsuits. You advance them (someone else's) cash and when they win, their lawyer pays the money back out of the proceeds. There are some very fat paychecks here and you can be a stay at home mom and work from your house. You can pursue this while you pursue hourly work in the meantime. But you can get a lot of lawyers referring you clients and end up quite well off. Check out paralegals home based income opportunities.

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